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We have represented people who have worked at virtually every major shipyard, refinery and industrial plant in the state. The full list is too long to mention here, but our clients have worked at:

Government shipyards in California with possible asbestos exposure:
  1. Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard
  2. Long Beach Naval Shipyard
  3. Mare Island Naval Shipyard
  4. Alameda Naval Air Station
  5. 32nd Street Naval Base (San Diego)
  6. North Island Naval Air Station (San Diego
Privately owned shipyards in California with possible asbestos exposure:
  1. Kaiser Shipyards 1-3 (Richmond)
  2. Bethlehem Steel Shipyard (San Francisco)
  3. Marin Shipbuilding Corporation (Sausalito)

  1. Triple A Shipyard (Alameda)
  2. Triple A Shipyard (San Diego)
  3. Pacific Ship Repair (San Diego)
  4. Campbell Industries Shipyard (San Diego)
  5. San Diego Marine Shipyard
  6. California Shipbuilding (Wilmington)
  7. Western Pipe and Steel (San Francisco)
  8. Western Pipe and Steel (San Pedro)
  9. Bethlehem Steel Shipyard (Terminal Island)
  10. Todd Shipyard (San Pedro)
  11. Todd Shipyard (Alameda)
  12. Moore Drydock (Alameda)
  13. National Steel Shipyard (San Diego)
  14. Refineries in California:
  15. Exxon Refinery (Benicia)
  16. Standard Oil Refineries (Richmond, San Pedro)
  17. Tosco Refining (Avon)
  18. Union Oil Refineries (Carson, El Segundo, Rodeo, San Pedro)
  19. Shell Oil Refineries (Dominguez, Martinez)
Other facilities have included numerous power plants, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, factories, automotive garages and municipal sewer and water services. We have a vast library of information about these and many other California sites, that includes information about the types and brands of asbestos products used at each location.

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