Bill gates affair with Russian bridge player PHOTO video

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, a report by Wall Street Journal claimed that the billionaire had an affair with a Russian bridge player in 2010. 

The tech billionaire was married to Melinda Gates from 1994 to 2021. Around 2010, Gates reportedly had an affair with Mila Antonova, who was in her twenties at the time.

 Their paths crossed through their shared interest in the card game bridge, and they connected during a national tournament, the report suggests. A 2010 YouTube video was also unearthed in which Antonova mentioned meeting Gates at a national bridge tournament.

Antonova later encountered Epstein in 2013 while seeking funding for her business venture, BridgePlanet. 

She claimed that she was unaware of Epstein's criminal history and believed he was a successful businessman willing to support her.

Epstein, known for his connections and attempts to establish a large charitable fund with JPMorgan, repeatedly approached Gates to join his philanthropic efforts. 

However, Gates declined. This led to strained interactions between the two. Epstein resorted to using his knowledge of Gates' affair to send a threatening email in 2017, demanding reimbursement for Antonova's coding camp tuition. It is unclear whether Gates and Epstein had any further contact after this incident

Epstein's connections with JPMorgan are under scrutiny due to an ongoing lawsuit. The report claims he misrepresented his relationship with Gates to JPMorgan executives, attempting to position it as a close personal bond. However, the bank expressed regret for its association with Epstein and clarified that they didn't require his introductions.

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