Taliban beating woman video

taliban beating woman video very dangerous videos coming from Afghanistan how taliwan waiting womens some days ago every people want to live in Kabul watch the video  

Photoss and videos emerging from Kabul show that Taliban fighters are using sharp objects to beat back women and children who are desperately trying to enter Kabul airport in a bid to leave the country. The insurgents also opened fire to drive the crowds back from the airport, the videos showed. 

Los Angeles Times reporter Marcus Yam posted some of the pictures on Twitter on Wednesday and claimed in accompanying text that at least half dozen were wounded, including a woman and her child.

About 4,000 U.S. troops are on the ground in Afghanistan to help evacuate Americans and maintain control of the international airport in Kabul, which is the last place in the country that the Taliban have not seized. 

Whilee the situation at the airport is less chaotic than it was on Sunday and Monday, there is still a frenetic effort underway by the United States and other countries to safely evacuate their citizens.

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