Sakshyam movie review hindi teluge Rating

Cast: Bellamkonda Srinivas - Pooja Hegde - Jagapathi Babu - Rao Ramesh - Vennela Kishore - Ravikshan - Ashutosh Rana - Sarath Kumar - Meena - Jayaprakash - Holy Lokesh - Brahmaji - Jhansi and others
Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar
Photography: Arthur Wilson
Words: Sai Madhav Burra
Producer: Abhishek Nama
Story - Screenplay - Directed by: Srivas

'Sarghi' is the film directed by Srivalas, who is the director of the movie 'Lokyam' with 'Bellamkonda Srinivas'. The film attracted the audience's attention with promos and the audience came to the audience today. Let's see how it works.

The story:

Vishwam (Bellamkonda Srinivas) loses parental life as a child. If he is a child without a child, he will be able to grow up all the way. In the United States, heirs to the big business empire. However, the world came to India for the beauty of the beauty of Lahiri (Pooja Hegde), where he has unprecedented consequences. In his hands some evil people will be killed each other. That's why they have a relationship with the universe .. Why are they all in his hands?

Article - analysis:

Anant Sriram played a role in the film 'A Film by Aravind' in the role of Ghazals Srinivas. He tells a story about the future of the hero. This is a routine movie that is always looking for the hero team. But after that, he says that the revenge in this story is a penchant for drinking. As soon as the hero is excited, a shake hand is given to him that he never heard of such a story. The story of 'Sources' director Srivinas tells the story of Srinivas. Concept of Panchabootha in 'evidence' and Srinivas exclusively made this film. But all this is a routine affair, though it is up to this concept. The old style of story telling is that the 'evidence' seems like the average spice.

The hero's father is a large town. Villains kill him because he has blocked them. The heroine who is an infant is survivor. Then he grew up and came to the city and saw the villains. This is the 'evidence' line. This is the story that has seen hundreds of films. But Sivas is trying to make an interesting effort to add the Panchabhoothala theme. The floor .. the fire .. the water .. the wind ... the sky .. this Panchaboothulu witness to the injustice of the hero .. to see the same villains of the hero is to hear the new thing to hear. Ignoring the logic, the fantasy element added .. Cinematic liberties brought this story to Srives. His choice of concealment is different. But it is disappointing to tell this story. Every scene has gone out over the top of the story to show a glow. Looking for interest in scenes .. did not care about logic. Action episode stands out as a standout throughout the film. They can be 'okay' for the audience of the massive mass audience. But in the old style, "evidence" leaves the disappointment for the audience who seeks newness.

Bellamkonda is still in the movies made so far .. It's all of the commercial hanks that measure and fill out the script. Srivas did the same for the 'evidence'. But all these attributes are not worth the story. The romantic track of the songs .. comedy is totally disclosed. These episodes, which occupy half the length of the film, are a big obstacle to the story. The flashback episode of the earlier story was shown and Srives gave the break. From here the hero heroines are introduced .. romantic track between them .. comedy and time to see to do. But this attempt failed. This episode is very routine and boring, the viewer's interest is dull. Even if the villain guides the parallel to it, it's also generally. There are plenty of removable scenes in the film.

Hero's original goal is to start but the viewer does not lend in the story again. From here, 'evidence' runs on the right track. Srinivas has done a very sharp look, though the villains are scoring each other. Action choreography .. With the background score and camera performance, the 'evidence' is going to be a masager in the second half. But the rest of the masculinity of the audience. But in the second sense, the songs are similar to speed breakers. The signal was initially intended to ignore the logic and can not be compliant in this regard. Overall, it is difficult to use the 'evidence' of the mass audience.


Bellamkonda Srinivas is not new to actor. It looks like the last movies. Look good in terms of look. More fit. Well bodybuilding. He has once again gained in action scenes. Impressed in dances. However, in the film 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka', he did not give a big scope to show emotions. Pooja Hegde does not have much to cast. She looked glamorous and impressed. Jagapathi Babu is the villain. Rao Ramesh Parvaleeda

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