Unravel Two cooperative sequel it's out right now

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 EA has embraced the indie community in recent years, establishing its EA Originals publishing label in 2016 with a focus on bringing games from smaller teams to market. It's published Fe, A Way Out and Unravel, and Sea of Solitude is incoming in early 2019.

Unravel Two is the sequel to 2016's Unravel, an adorable and emotional platformer starring a tiny character made out of bright red yarn, developed by indie studio Coldwood Interactive. The new game introduces a second, blue Yarny.

It begins on a down note, with Yarny losing everything, but Coldwood Interactive promised it's a joyful, playful game overall. Both characters work together to traverse forests, fires, water and other dangerous terrain, using the yarn dangling from their bodies to solve spatial puzzles.

Players are able to control both characters or puzzle out the entire thing with a friend in co-op mode. And best of all, Unravel Two is available today on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One for $20, published via EA Originals.

 On-stage at EA Play 2018, developers introduced Unravel Two as a game about optimism and togetherness, loss and love, darkness and light.

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