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How are blogger and wordpress related different 2018 earning seo better

Blogger and Wordpress are moreover same but there are some difference like better SEO, SPEED, CUSTOMIZATION, and OPTIMIZATION on Wordpress.

  Blogger is a Google hosted platform

which is based on HTML & HTML5 whereas Wordpress is based on CSS and is a self hosted software which can installed personally to create/develop blogs/websites.

  Wordpress is far better than Blogger

as you have more options which helps to increase visibility, attract customers/readers and more.

Blogger isn’t the right platform

if you’re new to the internet marketing field because Blogger is complex and a newbie might not be able to customize and optimize their blogger based site. Therefore, Wordpress should always be considered if your pocket allows the same.

Earning blogger and wordpress site

Blogger is a Google hosted platform so adsense pay 45% income or low cpc rate but wordpress self hosted so adsense pay 55% to 70% earning

Seo blogger and wordpress site

Wordpress seo very smooth and longer time because it's have many plugin but blogspot not available and other activities

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