Clinton police officer killed 2 others hurt Highway Patrol

CLINTON, MO (KCTV) - One Clinton police officer has been killed in a shooting Tuesday night and two others have been injured, the Missouri Highway Patrol confirms.

The suspect involved in the shooting was found dead inside the home, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The Clinton Police Department, Henry County Sheriff’s Office, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are on scene in the 300 block of West Grandriver Street.

The Clinton Fire Department posted earlier that everyone should avoid the area and the shooter is barricaded inside the home.

"We urge everyone to please avoid the area as the shooter is still barricaded inside the residence," the Clinton Fire Department said in a statement. "Please understand the emotional side of this event for those involved and please refrain from posting on social media any information obtained by either radio traffic or by means of speculation."

The Missouri Highway Patrol confirms its SWAT Team is also on scene. 
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