How to buy Tiger King Coin price prediction 2022

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 Tiger King Crypto Coin has now risen by more than 900 per cent since the start of July The cryptocurrency is claiming to be the “official coin” Netflix series The documentary series

which launched in March 2020, Dogecoin investor YouTuber and Matt Wallace is buying Tiger King crypto THEY said that it's one of his largest crypto holdings Matt tweeted his support for the token this week he calculates 

HE suggests nearly 50,000 percent upside potential.that when Tiger King’s market cap hits $1 billion, an investment of $1,000 now would be worth $500,000

How to Buy and Where to buy TKING crypto

If anyone can buy Tiger King crypto’s potential, you might want to know where to buy TKING coin. 

The crypto still has limited exchange support since it hasn’t come to major platforms like Coinbase or Binance. 

The best places to buy TKING token now are PancakeSwap and 1Inch Exchange. However, you’ll need to use another cryptocurrency for the purchase as they don’t currently support the U.S. dollar for Tiger King crypto trades.

Tiger King (TKING) Coin’s price prediction?

 The token was moving at US$ 0.00005317 apiece, but its market cap was not available. tiger King’s trading volume climbed almost US$ 13 million against its fully diluted market cap of US$ 532,080. 

Project has an unusually high maximum supply, standing at one trillion tokens, and a total supply of 936 billion TKING coins. The token registered its all-time high of US$ 0.00007164 apiece, which matches Dogecoin’s 2020 price. 

Ass for price predictions, Tiger King Coin could gain further momentum due to rising support from the Doge army.

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