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CAB meaning and full form 

Citizenship Amendment Bill passed in Parliament by the Narendra Modi govt, is now going to take the form of law. During the introduction of this newly amended citizenship law in both the Houses i.e. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, large-scale opposition to this bill started in many states of the country which is still going on. In Assam and Bengal, this movement has taken a violent form.

Reject nrc and cab images 2019 and 2020

Earlier, during the efforts to implement the National Citizenship Register, there was a lot of uneasiness among the Assamese. Whether it is a citizenship amendment law brought by the Modi government or the National Citizenship Register, it has become clear from both these efforts that this government is governing its power not from the perspective of Indians or humanity but from the perspective of religion.

However, the protection of the Constitution is also repeated from time to time by the government. But many of the steps that he takes under the guise of majority seem like Goya Modi government is doing anti-constitutional work.

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