Donald Tusk confirmed that the UK has the power to #StopBrexit outcome

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European Council president Donald Tusk warned MEPs Tuesday that the outcome of Brexit was in the British government’s hands, and raised the prospect that the U.K.’s departure might not happen.

How this will end will be “up to London,” Tusk said in a European Parliament plenary debate in Strasbourg, “with a good deal, no deal, or no Brexit.” But in each of these scenarios “we will protect our common interests only by being together.”

But Tusk warned that if the EU fails to agree on a Brexit deal, “the negotiations will end in our defeat.”

As long as there is unity, “the EU will be able to rise to every scenario” he added.

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Tusk’s speech comes a few days after EU27 leaders agreed at a European Council summit last week that there was no sufficient progress to move on to phase two of the Brexit negotiations, dealing with trade and the U.K.’s future relationship with the bloc. They also agreed to start internal discussions on the framework of the future relations between the U.K. and the EU.

Tusk also said that “fewer countries fewer mandates” should be the rule to change the composition of the parliament — meaning a reduced total number of MEPs.

“Such a solution in no way invalidates the idea of pan-European lists,” he said, referring to the idea currently discussed in the Parliament of creating a class of MEPs who don’t have a traditional national constituency for the 2019 elections

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