GST 18% on adsense earnings Penalty blogging website income

Income tax is utilized in a number of ways like Development of National Highways, Salary for Government employees, Defence and Armed Forces, Infrastructure like Metro, Government hospitals and schools, Scholarship and fees reimbursement for Engineering colleges, IITs, IIMs, Research and development like ISRO and more.

But Now Today bigger news for you GST will be applied at 18% to bloggers. So we will be losing 18% of our income in india. Besides that, bloggers who cross 10 lakh rs earning a year will have to pay 30% income tax!!

 Bloggers are now liable to pay GST in India because bloggers now get their income from India and not from outside India and hence, their services are not considered as exports and therefore, all the bloggers are liable to pay GST even if they earn even a single rupee from advertisement income from India. Further, if you earn anything from outside India, then you need to verify whether that payment construed as exports of services or not.

 Penalty if no registration

If any person fails to take GST registration, then he shall be liable for two penalties
  1. For no return filing – Rs.100 per return per day.
  2. For No Registration – Up to Rs.25,000
 GST make a tension for bloggers  

This government will not leave to anyone. They only want to collect tax-tax and only tax. They don't want to leave any income source. First, they say us do the digital transactions and we did but they didn't remove the transactions charges. So there are very little chances that we will not fall under the GST. If they left us then it'll a god gift.

 Best ans. for gst on adsense income 

if you are earning from google adsense then we are not providing any services. It is advertising income which is being taxed under gst.

Just to clarify to others, if you were crossing 3 to 5 lakh income per year from blogging then you had to pay income tax at 30 percent anyways. If you earning from affilate marketing then you need to have registration compulsory.

But now if your earning is more than 5 lakh then it will 20% not 30%....For any doubt on GST. You can ask question through comments 

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  1. Hi all,

    Income made from Google AdSense is exempted from GST, so there are no need to pay any gst on adsense income but of If you’re using AdX ads, then you will have to pay 18% GST if your AdX supplier is located in India.

    I found this article as precise and specific where we can find solution to the applicability of GST on Indian Freelancers.

    The article has emphasised on 2 important points:-:

    ZERO Rated Supply
    Export of Service
    I think this shall be helpful in understanding the entire logic for GST for freelancers.


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