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Although there are many bloggers do not blog for earning but,many of the people of blogging community tries to make money through their blog,and their is no harm in it.Successful blogs (in the mean of visitors),can have earning effect a bit faster than those who do not have enough visitors.But,hey can earn too.

Advertising Market

10 ways to earn money through your blog

Advertising market is the most using way of earning in blogs with high visitors rate.The advertising markets works on the principle of buy and sell web spaces in the form of banners.

The services is mostly like to use is , as it is one of the top and recommended market place for publishers and buyers.The approval on buysellads is not a easy task,but a blog with good content,visitors and a custom domain can have it.

In-Text ads

10 ways to earn money through your blog
In text ads is also using solution to monetize your written content.The Infolinks is the service that provides in text ads and other advertising solutions but,the most popular service they give is in text ads.

The words get highlighted and on hover of mouse the word shows a small popup box with a advertisement.It could be in your post or it could be in form of tags,that are present below your post.It depends on you that which setting you enable.


It doesn't matter,that your blog have more or less visitors,there are lots of solutions present to monetize your content just there is a need of some space.

If you got some extra points,are comments are always open,if you got any point,then I can update this post with your credit.

CPC Advertisement

CPC (cost per click) advertistment is one of the less using advertising solution used,the user/publisher get paid for each time, a advertisement get clicked.

The sites with a huge visitors is suggested to use this service,because a site with about 1000 visits per day can't earn a visible earning through these advertising banners.

CPM Advertisement

CPM (cost per thousand impression) advertistment solution is an older way to earn money,especially on those who got a lots of traffic.Many of CPM advertising sites give approval to those sites which have higher visitors rate,instead of those who got less.

But the blogs with less visitors can get CPM banners but the rate of per 1000 impression will be less.The sites which I can refer for sites with less visitors can go to...

Twitter Tweets

Actually this way of earning is not directly related to you blog but yes you can earn via your Twitter tweets.If your blog have Twitter integration than can help you to earn smartly with Twitter tweets.It depends on your Twitter followers.

The advertiser have to pay for each tweet that goes through buysellads.Not only buysellads but there are some solutions present to publish advertisement through Twitter.


fb video and page also most popular create your page on facebook...

Link Shorteren Services

The services like Google also provides a URL shorten service to make your links shorter.But,the services which shorts your link and changes it into a advertistment is something else.

The services like
pays you to make your links shorter.The tool which provided on their respective sites will change our link into another link.When someone will click on the link,an advertistment of 4 to 5 seconds will be shown and then the user can skip ad and the page will be opened.

The more click of links will be,the more you will generate.But it is not referred to do,if you want to interlink you blog links.

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