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Why are the older and newer posts links used

Most designer and layout templates have links at the bottom of your page of blog posts which let readers navigate back and forward among the list of posts.

This is basic to how a blog is intended to work: you post regularly, and give people a way to get back to previous posts.

The pager-links are particularly important on pages that are reached using the Label or Archive gadgets, which may show more posts than you normally have on your home page, or displaying in your blog.

But some people want to remove them - and this is fine provided readers have other ways of navigating around the blog.

Not all Bloggers agree with this sentiment though. Some Bloggers care for it so little, that their frequent question is

How do I get rid of the "Newer Post" - "Home" - "Older Posts" links?

Fortunately, this is not a difficult task.

In some cases, we only have to add one simple CSS rule.

 .blog-pager {display: none;} 

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