15 August 2021 Speech अगस्त स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण निबंध

15th August Independence Day Speech in English for Kids / Teachers

Honourable Chief Guest,

of the day, distinguished guest for the occasion, teachers, parents and my all dear friends wish you very Happy Independence Day.
As you know all of us have gathered here to celebrate 69th Independence Day of our country. This day, after the hosting national flag, we salute and remember the heroic deeds of all freedom fighters, as a citizen of India I feel so proud to give a speech on Independence Day and share some of my views with you all. On the night of 14 August, 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make a speech on Independence Day in Delhi. When the world sleeps, India will wale to life and freedom. India became free from the British rule. Now, India is the largest democratic country in the world. The country’s strength is to find, Unity in diversity. But, there are stray incidents that test her secularism but the people of India are ready to sacrifice anything for the cause of unity.

Well at the end we must take an oath that let us do our duty of preparing ourselves to be well-educated citizens of tomorrow. Let us do our duty sincerely and do work hard to achieve a goal. Today we require youngsters with lot of knowledge and energy. Illiteracy and take India to bright future.
Jai Hind !! Hai Bharat !!

69th Independence Day of India on 15 August 2021

As we said schools and colleges organize, flag hosting ceremony, sports and art events for students as well as teachers. Also some organizations invite special guest to teach importance of Independence Day to students and to guide for their future career. Various Students also give speech on 15 August (Independence Day). So this year if you searching for Independence Day Speech then you are on right page, here in this article we sharing Independence Day Speech in Hindi for Students and Independence Day Speech in English for Teachers on 15th August 2015. Check out following Speech.

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