Las vegas lockdown ends may 2020 latest news

las vegas lockdown ends- The famous fountains of the Bellagio casino, where water choreographed to lights and music shoots hundreds of feet in the air, are still. Throngs of visitors who made it tough to maneuver on sidewalks have been replaced by the occasional jogger or skateboarder.

 On the always busy, always noisy, never sleeping Las Vegas strip, you can now hear birds chirping. 'It's crazy,' said Chris Morehouse, a 70-year-old Elvis impersonator who spent a recent afternoon sipping Miller High Life and posing with a few locals who took advantage of the eerie silence to take photos at the neon-bedecked welcome sign on the Las Vegas Strip. 'It's like the end of the world.'

a far cry from the glitz and glamour of the never-sleeping Sin City. Businesses remain closed amid the stay-at-home order as the tourism industry takes a colossal battering. The usually crowded streets are sparse, populated only by curious locals and roamers moving through the deserted roads instead.

 The Las Vegas mayor has warned the continued state-wide shutdown of casinos and non-essential businesses is 'killing' the city's famous tourism industry. Locals say they are struggling to survive, and hundreds of thousands of residents have filed for unemployment benefits.

Like Ireland, said he wishes his employer would pay him through the shutdown but disagrees with the mayor's call to reopen Las Vegas. 'Life is more important than anything else,' he said. 'You're not going to buy life with money.' While about 24 per cent of the state's workforce has filed for unemployment benefits since March 21, that doesn't include waves of others who haven't been able to get through the overburdened system.

Las vegas lockdown ends

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death. The vast majority of people recover. So far, the casino closures are expected to extend at least into May, leaving workers like Kimberly Ireland struggling to find a way to hang on. The 49-year-old was laid off from her job as a bell desk dispatcher at the Mirage casino-resort, where she worked for a decade

Even though the models look good for Nevada right now, we are not out of the woods yet,” the governor said. “The models change based on our behavior.” Earlier in the press conference, state biostatistician Kyra Morgan shared a slide of projected cases. If mitigation ends on May 1, she predicts an increase in daily cases detected, peaking in late May.

 If mitigation efforts are extended through June 30, she anticipates that cases will drop through June 30. “The ‘mitigation extended’ scenario depicted (on the graph) assumes all current restrictions remain in place,” Morgan emailed in response to questions about the graph. “We would anticipate an increase in new cases if mitigation efforts are lifted.”

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