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Google Adsense Updates 2018 verificationb pin code upload govt documents

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Verify your identity

You’ll need to verify your identity to receive payments. Please provide an image of your current government-issued photo ID. The name on your payments profile must match the name on your ID.

The process may take a few days. You won’t be able to edit your name after you submit 

documents or after your identity is verified.
IDs accepted for your country (India):

  1. Driver's license 
  2. National identity card 
  3. Passport
Tips for taking a clear picture

  • Capture the entire document in the photo. It should be readable and in focus. 
  • Keep your image free of reflections and glare. Turn off the flash. 
  • Incomplete documents or dark or blurry photos won’t be accepted. 
  • You’ll be allowed a limited number of verification attempts. 
  • Uploading files other than an image of your ID may result in account suspension. 

Name and home address


This information will be used to confirm it's you and protect you from fraud. Your personal information will be added to your payments profile. It will be stored securely and treated in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy.

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